Our mission

Climate change and global warming, together with the current context of the energy crisis, make the need for energy decarbonization even more pressing. Recently, at COP26, the need to reduce greenhouse gases by 45% by 2030 to achieve the goal of net zero by 2050 was made clear.

Industrial production is an energy major consumer and accounts for roughly 30% of global energy use, with energy-intensive industries (EIIs) representing the largest share. Furthermore, EIIs require the use of high-energy-density vectors. Hence, hydrogen and other Renewable Synthetic Fuels (RSFs) will play a key role.

However, technology is not mature enough for their use as a fuel, and many challenges need to be addressed:

ENCODING’s goal is to create a digital combustion infrastructure enabling the ambitious developments needed in EIIs. To this end, a generalized data-intensive framework will be developed.