Alessandro Parente

Alessandro Parente (ULB) is a Professor of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Combustion and Data-Driven Engineering at Université libre de Bruxelles. He got his Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering at the Università di Pisa in 2005. He then carried out a PhD at the same University in collaboration with the University of Utah, where he served as a Research Associate from November 2007 to December 2009. In April 2009, Dr. Parente started working at the von Karman Institute of Fluid Dynamics. In October 2010, he was appointed Assistant Professor at the Aero-Thermo-Mechanical Department of Université Libre de Bruxelles. 

In 2015, Dr. Parente founded the Combustion and Robust Optimization (BURN) group, a Joint Research Group between the sister universities ULB and VUB. In 2021, he founded the Brussels Institute for Thermal-fluid Systems and Clean Energy (BRITE). Dr. Parente’s research activity focuses on developing methods and models for providing advanced combustion technologies that can ensure flexible, efficient, and non-polluting energy conversion, particularly of carbon-free and CO2-neutral energy vectors.