The Institute for Research on Combustion (IRC), founded in 1968, is one of the Institutes of the Department of Engineering, ICT, and Energy and Transport Technologies (DIITET) of CNR.

The research activities of the IRC activities are focused on various topics in the field of energy and environmental impact:

  • combustion and gasification technologies with high efficiency and environmental compatibility
  • valorisation of alternative fuels, such as biomass and fuels derived from waste and residues
  • advanced diagnostic techniques, combustion processes, and environmental impact
  • detailed modelling of reactive systems
  • analysis and safety measures to prevent and control the use, handling, and storage of combustible materials
  • study of the mechanisms of combustion and formulation and analysis of detailed kinetic schemes of reactions
  • control and reduction of pollutant species from effluents of combustion and gasification
  • catalytic systems in combustion and gasification processes and species in the decrease of pollutants from effluents


Vicente Castro
Vincenzo Rosati
Mara de Joannon
Giancarlo Sorrentino
Pino Sabia